Energia 011

We turn opportunities into energy

Energia 011 S.r.l.
corso Matteotti 12, 10121 Torino – Italy
T +39 011 8196685
VAT number IT10945470010

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The activities of Energia011

The values driving Energia011

The founders of Energia011

Why work with Energia011

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We turn opportunities into energy.

We are a new company in the green energy sector.


We develop and manage small, intelligent power plants to produce energy from renewables, especially from hydro and geothermal sources.


Energia011 looks for projects that are effective, reliable, where the engineering is sensible and the safety is guaranteed.

Our goal is to find new opportunities to produce environmentally friendly energy and turn them into realities that generate value.


Our founding members ensure the company distinctive expertise: they manage complex projects from start to finish, relying on the best external consultants.


Fairness, transparency and responsibility are at the heart of our approach.

We are an independent company, we seek innovation, and we are determined to find the best solutions to turn opportunities into realities.

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We make hydroelectric and geothermal power plants that produce electricity using renewable resources — water, the heat of the earth and the sun.

To make a plant for us means designing, building, financing and then managing it.

We have the experience and knowledge needed to perform well in each stage. When a project requires a special touch, we rely on our team of professionals and other experts in the field to find the most suitable solutions. 

We manage the entire project — from putting the right idea in the right place to switching on the turbines.

We also develop plants on behalf of other companies, or help to develop parts of the process. We assess cost-effectiveness and funding options, participate in investments, design and oversee construction.


We are willing to cooperate with partners who have permission to build and are in need of technical assistance or economic support. We know they want to form a partnership with us because they believe in the value of their building permit.


We don’t have a rigid approach, we listen with an open mind to anybody who want to develop their building permits with us, but only on condition that transparent and accountable agreements are established and conflicts of interest avoided. 

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Environmentally friendly energy production — this is the goal of Energia011.

Our plants generate electricity from renewable resources, using intelligent processes.

We choose clean and efficient processes and believe that technological research and sustainable development move ahead together.

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We look for opportunities to provide wellbeing, also in the form of economic wellbeing.

We want our actions to produce value: for us, for our partners, for the places and communities where we operate.

We believe in wealth: the wealth of knowledge, of our stories, of working together.

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We set practical goals. We make plants that last and respond to a basic human need using the fundamental forces of nature.

We are a strong team of entrepreneurs. We work to achieve what we believe in and we do it with enthusiasm and competence.

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We make plants that work well, not only technically. To achieve our goal, we combine design and financial planning from the very first moment: they proceed together, they adapt to each other.

Our economic competence is as strong as our technical skills. These integrated capabilities make us special.

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We are always on the lookout for opportunities to improve: innovation is a passion that requires an open mind.

At Energia011 we do not build turbines, nor do we own building companies. Our only interest is to commit to our projects and strive for excellence. 

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At Energia011 we invest our time, energy and money. We are directly and personally involved in our projects and we ensure accountability.

We are open and honest and expect our partners to be honest and straight talking. The entire foundation of our relationships lies on transparency and honesty.

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Energy is a basic human need. Quality of life depends on energy.

Our plants are reliable for this very reason: they generate electricity we can rely on, now and for the future. We are determined to provide the best solutions, with an unyielding commitment to safety and reliability.

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Pier Massimo Cinquetti

Pier Massimo Cinquetti

Pier Massimo is an architect. Restoration was and still is his passion. He has designed and overseen the construction of industrial and civil works all over the world. His architecture and engineering consulting firm had offices in China and Bulgaria.

Roberto Fumagalli

Roberto Fumagalli

Roberto is an economist. For nearly twenty years he has worked as an investment banker in Milan and London, with special focus on investment research. He has recently returned to Italy, where he has managed a large foundation’s portfolio.

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License owners

We seek partnerships with license owners who do not have the expertise or enough capital to develop power plants. Our offer is clear: let us become partners and develop the plant together.

The building concession owner can rely upon a company which has been specifically set up to develop the plant. We can provide capital contribution and the expertise required for the development.


The economic returns to investing in developing power plants are usually higher than those earned from selling them. It stands to reason: development is a form of investment, which associated risk is rewarded.


We also reach out to individuals who have a license and intend to sell it. We assess the value of the project associated with the building permission acquisition — its economic potential and risk — and make our offer.

We are totally transparent and ready to share our calculations and conclusions.


We also buy operating plants. We prefer to work in partnership with sellers, even when they own small stakes. We give priority to plants where there is scope for improved productivity, so that the system and its value can be enhanced.

Public bodies

As regards aqueduct plants — or waste water treatment plants in some European countries — we cooperate with their owners, usually municipalities, and the relevant water utilities in charge of maintaining and operating them.

Since it is impossible for us to become business partners, we pay fees to local authorities to access the networks.

This is a significant income for small communities in disadvantaged mountain areas where the aqueducts suitable for our projects are usually located.


Our investments are beneficial to the local communities, not just from an economic perspective. The surveys we carry out prior to implementing our projects provide municipalities with information on the state of their infrastructure, which local authorities rarely have.


Adapting an aqueduct so as it generates electricity means upgrading and renovating part of the pipeline network. This leads to cost reductions for future maintenance and proves to be beneficial to users and water utilities alike. 

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Operational office

via Cardinal Maurizio 19

10131 – Torino

T +39 011 81 96 685


Administration office

via San Francesco da Paola 16

10123 – Torino

T +39 011 81 28 450


Registered office

corso Matteotti 12

10121 – Torino

VAT number IT10945470010